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Zinex A5 Diamond Drills

We are equipped with Zinex

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A5 – Diamond Core Dril
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The A5® is one of the most recognized diamond core drills worldwide. Now with over 400 units in service its proven itself in every country which mineral exploration is conducted, from the deserts of Sudan and jungles of Columbia to here at home in Canada.

The A5® has deep hole capabilities but is also simple to break apart and reassemble for fly projects. It easily mounts into a shack with rod handler capabilities making it one of the most versatile drills in the industry.

All of Zinex Mining manufactured drills are built in quantity with CNC cut and formed parts assuring top of the line quality. They are constructed using jigs that uphold the dedication to clients that all our fabricated parts will fit every drill manufactured. This means that all of our parts are interchangeable from one drill to another.

The A5® was designed by a team consisting of a Driller, Fabricator and Engineer. This enabled us to keep it simple for field repairs while using the best materials and fabrication techniques maximizing our power to weight ratio for the best in the industry.
Discovery 1 – Diamond Core Drill
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MPP’s helicopter portable diamond drill, the Discovery I was developed for drilling programs in remote areas. Our Discovery I features a D1.5, we have 200 horse power cummins engine through upgrades from the original components, virtually a lite weight D.2 machine. MPP LW rotation unit and a modular design. The rig can be broken down into modules that weigh less than 1200 lbs. and are compact enough to fit in to a small fixed wing aircraft.


• Lightweight Module Design  
• Designed for Helicopter Transport  
• No Module Over 1100 lbs.  
• Available HWL Chuck


New Age provides leading-edge diamond drilling technology, and, along with our network of responsive partners, delivers core where others are unable.

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