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We Have A Positive & Safe Work Environment

New Age is uncompromising in their commitment to safety.

Safe Work Environment 
New Age Drilling Solutions’ (New Age) focus on work place safety is rooted in our core values of commitment, integrity, teamwork and respect.

New Age is uncompromising in their commitment to safety. We are dedicated to a safe worksites for everyone. Employees are trained on safe operating procedures for heli exploration and skid drilling operations, occupational health and safety policies and all emergency response plans. New Age proactively uses job-specific hazards analysis to protect our employees, clients, contractors, the public, property and environment.

New Age’s commitment to upgrading and maintaining all equipment equips employees with up to date safety features. By encouraging and rewarding innovation at all levels of the organization, New Age designs drilling systems that are field-tested to deliver the maximum results possible.

New Age’s management team demonstrates integrity in the safety management system by continually reviewing and revising our occupational health & safety policies and emergency plans. Teamwork is central in every aspect of the safety system and we include all of our stakeholders’ input to keep everyone safe.

All employees are aware of New Age’s Drug and Alcohol Policy which includes monitoring and enforcement procedures.  New Age’s robust Incidents and Near Misses Strategy includes employee training on-time reporting and documentation to identify hazards and trends as early as possible.
Finally, New Age expects everyone to treat both themselves and others with respect. With that in mind, clear policies and procedures are in place, based on applicable legislation, to prevent workplace violence, harassment or discrimination.


New Age provides leading-edge diamond drilling technology, and, along with our network of responsive partners, delivers core where others are unable.

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